Welcome to the homepage of the Tactile Times website! You can find out about all the latest news for young braillists here, as well as subscribe, contribute and get in touch with us.
We have published three issues so far aiming to keep young braillists throughout the UK and beyond updated with articles about fun things to do, technology, sport, events and much more. During lockdown, we also sent out weekly events updates to give our subscribers one place they could go to for a list of the events happening each week. We also updated the website often with the latest events information. To view what our homepage was like in lockdown, just click here!
We are run by young braillists and our content is aimed at young braillists. We realised there were no newspapers directly aimed at young braillists and this is why we set up the Tactile Times.
To find out more About us check out our About us page. Anyone can subscribe to the newspaper and it is completely free to subscribe to both the electronic and hard copy braille versions.


This website has been designed to be fully accessible to anyone, including those using a screen reader. It has lots of headings to help you navigate and to group things into sections to make them easier to find. If you would like to find the full menu, just navigate to the menu heading.

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We have an audio logo available to play from the button below. Have some fun playing with it!

Our WhatsApp group for readers

If you are a young braillist and would like to chat to other Tactile Times readers, why not join our WhatsApp group?
The group was created during lockdown and it is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest news from us and chat to other readers in a safe environment.
To send us your join request, just enter your details here and you will be added to the group after approval.

Sight and Sound podcast

I did a podcast for Sight and Sound about the Tactile Times.
If you are new to the Tactile Times, you might find it helpful to introduce you to it
You can find the podcast below:

Where to start?

If you don't know very much about us yet, why not start on the about us page where you can find out about who we are ore browse our FAQS?
If you already know about us, you might like to take a look at the useful links page which lists useful websites under different categories or check out if we are planning to publish an issue (and if so when the deadline for submitting articles is) on our Useful information page.
Or, you can visit the Issues page which lists all published editions of The Tactile Times.
You can also subscribe to the Tactile Times to receive issues by email when they are published.
Or, if you like technology and football, why not take a look at the Fantasy football area of the website?
Or, if you need to get in touch, visit the Contact us page.