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Top Tips for lockdown

Podcast for Sight and Sound about Tactile Times

I did a podcast for Sight and Sound about the Tactile Times.
If you are new to the Tactile Times, you might find it helpful to introduce you to it
You can find the podcast below:

Online Events

This is a list of different online events available to blind people/VIP's.
If you think of anything that could be added just contact us.

N.B. This events list will not be updated over the next few weeks. See events timetable for details

Sight and Sound webinar Wednesday's

Sight and Sound are doing a webinar every Wednesday. Some of these will be about tech for blind people but some of them will be about tech for people with low vision
Next webinar is about: Dancing dots.
It is happening on Wednesday 3rd of June.
You can register via the link in the events timetable
You can find all their past webinars on their podcast

HumanWare Live webinars

HumanWare are doing webinars about braille products
It is unclear from their website what webinars a long time in the future will be about but they will put up what will be in the next webinar (if they know it, 10% of the time they don't have a plan)

NBP Beats for Braille

National Braille Press did a concert on Saturday 25th April. It was fun
You can listenhere .

AbilityNet live

AbilityNet are doing live webinars.
More info here.

Look Events

Look UK are running several different events online (on Zoom).
They are running something called the "Look online forum" so young people can get together online, play games together and chat.
If you want to attend any of their events, you will need to register for the event you want to attend.
You can see all their upcoming events at look-uk.org/meet-up.

Braillists calls

The Braillists Foundation are running Zoom calls. You can find their full schedule of calls here.

Having trouble joining any of these events?

Why don't you check out our guide to Zoom and chat apps at the bottom of Issue 2.

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Tactile Times Quiz

The Tactile Times Quiz Number 1 is open until the end of June.
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Only blind people are eligable to win but anyone can have a go.
If you are wondering where your score is, it will arrive in your inbox at the end of May or hopefully earlier.
Tip: You might need to look at issue two to help you. You can download Issue 2 (The lockdown issue) here

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